The Learning Curve Gutter

I can learn things up to that point in the learning curve where I find myself surpassing most of my peers and complacent with my position. After that it takes a lot of energy just to take another step to the next level. For instance, I learned how to bowl, and got fairly decent at it (200+ average), but never got a perfect score. I felt like I was more than capable, if I had spent a few more months training hard for it. Which I didn’t (although I came close with 13 strikes in a row in two games). I was at that point in the learning curve where I either became a master, or collected another trade to be a jack of. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished in bowling, but without that 300 ring, I’m left a little… disappointed. Perhaps one day, if I feel desperate enough, I’ll go to the valley where the pins practically run into the pit themselves—but that’ll feel like I cheated.


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